Our cocktails

Just like its esteemed counterparts, the Asado experience would not be complete without its all-encompassing bar. High stools, beautiful cowhide drapings and the glimmer from each bottle of liquor evokes a sense of nostalgia cloaked in South American panache.

Offering the best of the Mendoza region and Malbec varietal, with exclusive Argentinian names including pours from Humberto Canale and Ruca Malen, the wine experience at Asado will transport you straight into the heart of the Patagonian plains.

Get ready for a dizzying array of innovative cocktail flavours that’s guaranteed to tantalize the tastebuds. From our exclusive range of white Spanish wines and signature sangria, to the uniquely Argentinian Fernet Branca and in-house brew Patagonian Pilsner, you’re bound to find your tipple of choice – whether it’s a timeless favourite or new and exciting mixes.

In a first across all the restaurants, Asado celebrates the strong Spanish tradition of serving the finest quality conservas (canned seafood). The Spanish have revelled in the long-standing tradition of carefully preserving seafood and shellfish in cans – in fact, these canned versions are often more sought after than their fresh equivalents.

The driving force behind conservas is about taking best seafood in the world at the best time of the year, treating it with timeless and traditional recipes from the region and then preserving it in a can so that it is perfectly enjoyed at any time of the year, anywhere in the world!

With its natural stone countertop, the bar beautifully blends into the wider restaurant space and delivers a perfect view of the open kitchen. Sit up at the bar and nibble on some imported conservas and crusty bread, order a smattering of pinxtos to go with your sangria as you watch the theatre unfold in the kitchen, or simply enjoy the city views while sipping on your choice of beverage.

About Argentine Wine

With a rich wine history dating back over 500 years, coupled with the investment and influence of top wine producers from Spain, Italy and France, Argentinian wine has vastly improved in quality and is finally receiving the recognition it deserves as the world’s fifth largest wine producer, and largest wine exporter in South America. In 2010, the government even declared it Argentina’s national liquor!

Mendoza sets itself apart from other wine regions with its proximity to the Andes, providing purity of environment, intense light and a harsher climate in which the grapes are forced to ripen, creating an interesting and natural fruit-driven palate. From Salta, Cafayate and Catamarca in the north, down to Patagonia and the Rio Negro in the south, we have sourced our wines to represent the different regions and climates in Argentina.

The many grapes cultivated are inspired by Argentina’s migrant heritage, from the French influenced Malbec – undoubtedly one of Argentina’s best know wines – to the Italian inspired Bonarda. Torrontés is another classic Argentine grape present in many of its aromatic whites and typically found in regions like La Rioja, San Juan, and Salta.

Many of our wines are personally imported and only available at Asado, Palermo and San Telmo.